The National American Metis Association

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NAMA is the U.S.'s senior national American Mètis association began in 1978 and is responsible for bringing to the U.S. our national usage of the term: "Metis". NAMA was formerly accessed at: Meanwhile, here are several interesting links pertaining to North American and U.S. Metis:


MetisCulture. A forum for discussion of issues and concerns of Mètis People in the US....Mètis being the term for people of Native American and "other" ancestry. Comments, questions and dialogs concerning history, heritage, culture, and bringing Mètis people and Mètis organizations together in the US.
Archived threads are searchable.
"These archives house the keenest insights and questions about US Mètis realities - anywhere". Billy Brady ~ executive director to NAMA.

Links on Martin Dunn's website The Other Metis;
This huge website is filled with current and historical information, primarily pertaining to Canada's Mètis. Yet, The Other Metis has a US Mètis section;
M. Dunn was responsible for the years of research that led to Canada's Parliament rewriting the Canadian National Constitution (in 1982) wherein Mètis were listed along with Inuit and First Nations peoples as "aboriginal peoples". A first in all the America's!

Professor Emeritus of Native Studies at U.C. Davis, Dr. Jack D. Forbes' excerpts from: African and Native Americans; The Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples.
"All Forbe's titles are immensely worthwhile reading". BB

Report No.1 by ex-officio NAMA President, Mary (North) Harper; Quebec to Ogdensburg to Oswego and Beyond. A regional and personal family migration history by one of NAMA's most important organizers:

Are you Mètis? Written for Mètis (especially) in Canada. A quick questionaire.;

Current Contact for NAMA: Billy Brady e-mail: